About Me

Hello to everyone out there!!

I have a lifelong dream to travel the world.

Before I start talking about my dreams, I wanted to thank you for visiting (and hopefully reading) my blog. This page is for those of you who are curious enough and want to know more about me. So let me begin with the basics:


My name is Markos Kiosseoglou (Μάρκος Κιοσέογλου) and I am originally from Greece. While I was still at school a teacher of mine, who had a difficulty pronouncing my last name (who hasn’t?), came up with the nickname “Kiose”, which made his life easier. Then my classmates started using it, just for fun, and I got stuck with it. Therefore, I added a second “Kiose” and started using “KioseKiose” as my name in the digital world.

Why am I writing?

Well I am not sure. A possible answer is because I can and because I feel I have something to say.

My intention is to write mostly about Travel and Movies. As already mentioned I have a lifelong dream to travel the world, and I really hope that I will be able to accomplish my dream one day. This “dream” is what triggered my willingness to begin this blog. Movie reviews on the other hand, came along the way. Not being able to travel continuously, I spend a lot of time watching movies and I thought it would be a good idea to share my views.

Other than movies and traveling I like taking pictures with my camera and I love Waterskiing. At last, one more interesting thing about me is that in 2008 I run the Athens Classic Marathon in 6h:03min:54seconds (it took me a while to finish). Next goal is to run a Marathon in 4 hours.

But I think that’s enough about me. Start browsing around and I hope you will have fun reading.

Feel free to connect with me on:







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